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Thread: Control Issues

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    I agree with the all knowing Bethany. He's in a place where he loathes what he has become and is very self destructive. If you think this is bad, stick around it'll get much worse.You'll get to be what ever he see's you as, a controller, a beater, anything bad, you'll be it.His friends stick around because he's a drunk. If he's serious about this, he'll see that their not friends, but abusers, Ive seen this before, an alcoholic's "friends" never call, except to have a drink. You have to be strong and stand up for your self, and if it breaks his and your heart, it is his choice, beer or you, oxycotin or you. Good luck,

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    agree with everything said so far in this thread. If he abused alcohol before his injury then he has simply gone back to old coping mechanisms that are dysfunctional and have very little room for your input. My dad was an alcoholic, and my advice is to run for the hills if his behavior does not change pronto. Give him an ultimatum, and stick to it. Life is short, too short, to have someone else mucking it up for you. He may have been the one to sustain a fairly devastating injury, but that does not give him an excuse to direct his anger towards you, or to abuse his meds with the addition of alcohol, a sure recipe for disaster.

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    Welcome Laura...

    I am the caregiver to my hubby but I guess it's different because he is pretty self-sufficient because he's a para. But with higher injuries... it's definitely different. I totally agree with Betheny... and others here... they know what they are talking about... I wonder why he is still in sub-acute care a year after the injury?

    Please keep coming back and know that the people here really care.


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