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    Thumbs down therapy and insurance

    i' m in miami,and id like therapy but i found out that i only have 45 visits/a hour each,, with a copay of 25 bucks,,, thats like over 1000 dollars,,,,, i sint got that kind of cash with a budget of my apartment,food,etc.... but i need therapy to help with mat work,transferin, and also fes bike... can i work with tne insurance some way? i have aetna tjat coverin it,, bit i giess medacare wont cover the rest.....
    any sugestions?anyhing helps
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    I would ask the therapist that you choose if there is a way that you could set up a home program and then come in less frequently to get checked out. They are not legally able to waive the co-pay - and I know that it stinks having to pay that much.

    You could also see if you qualify for any type of "scholarship" from any of the hospitals that have PT programs.

    I would encourage you to ask around and see if you can find anyone that is willing to help with the co-pay.


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    Woody, you should also call your insurance company and ask to have a case manager assigned to you. S/he will act as your advocate and work to help you get what you need.
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