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    I want to scream fed up with it I have fallen over twice in a week and hit the same places twice the briusing is healing but my neck is in pain again aaaaarrrrrgggggggg - nope that didnt make me feel better and niether have 3 days of my tablets fed up n down

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    cheer up!

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    why do you keep falling? Believe it or not, it's not a stupid question, although it sounds like it - I can sometimes walk with one cane for a short time, but then my leg won't hold me up from weakness & pain, so I have to switch to forearm crutches to get around (very painfully) but still sometimes lose my balance from pain & numbness & end up sitting or laying down or using my wheelchair until I can get a grip on the pain. That's why I asked why you keep falling.

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    hope you have a better day, I'm sorry you're falling & in pain.

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    I cant use a stick because I have left side weakness I fall because of the ataxia

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