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Thread: pain level

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    the scs implanted stimulator and the tens have nothing in common as far as how they work on the body to stop the pain.
    the one thing they do hqave in comon is the sensatipon that you feel, but as far as their mechanics of pain killing, nothing in common, as per the PM doctor i was seeing.
    i have used both and i also was talked into having a spinal cord stimulator . even though the first one, a AQNS type never worked , even with 4 or 5 revisions. The Boston scientific precision plus is implanted in my lamina , the so called gold standard with 8 electrodes, that dont do crap , except make the salesman and doctors richer.
    by all means try the TENS, i don't think there is a down side to it, you could probably borrow one, there are tons of people that have them in their drawers collecting dust.
    the pain chart i used had #3 , pain intensity requires meds.
    cauda equina

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    here is more pain scales then there are pains

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    Finally a good perspective for AB's

    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post

    I think pain is very hard to put on a scale. I studied Japanese and Chinese martial arts and pain / sensory control. I'm old military and in Nam have been shot, took a mortar round which broke my shoulder, have done self surgery to remove shrapnel and bullets and sewn myself. I have self sutured up for years. My pain doc considers me the highest pain threshold he's met.

    But my pain, I'm Cauda Equina, has had me suicidal off and on for 5 years and will drop me to the ground or shriek or cry.

    I recently had to take a hook out of my dogs mouth who was pinned down. In a panic he bit to the bone both hands in multiple places, broke 1 finger and dislocated 2 more. I set my fingers sewed the worst without flinching. I asked the pain doc how does this correlate as i would rate many of the injuries sustained in combat as a 10. And can still manage as in the dog bite.

    In tears in his office unable to cope with my back and leg pain and searching for an answer swearing i was loosing my mind and turning into a pussy he explained it as such:

    Below your injury the nerves and all the neural networks associated are injured and cannot heal and cannot retain normal function and always in overload. anything above L1 you can manage as they behave normally for your body, pain tolerance. Everything below is broken and subject to different rules.

    I marvel at the levels of pain SCI folks endure and am constantly surprised at how we wake up each day, do the best we can. Bitch now and then and in the worst times contemplate or plan an escape, yet there is something in the human spirit that has us choose to go forward.

    I can truthfully say that absent the courage, support and zest for what life the members here have I would have checked out already. The physical and mental pain as a result of an SCI is indescribable and cannot be truly understood by an AB.

    Teena, Arndog, bc, Quadvet and all that don't immediately come to mind you are blessed.

    You are not a wimp Jim, and every day you face challeneges in just the daily requirements to live that prove your courage.

    btw as a scale when my wife asked the pain doc how bad can it really be he said imagine me breaking your kneecap with a ballpeen hammer , that's a 10 but if I gave you a morphine shot you'd be laughing. the morphine does nothing for your husband.

    apologies for the ramble, peaking on my meds

    All that I am is all gone.

    Thats a great way of summing it up your doctor did for your wife. I've tried for years to explain but have not ever been able to feel satisfied with any explanation I've tried to give. I've not had any 1 major injury, but since I was 14 have had one thing after another go wrong that has resulted in almost 20 years of constant pain. Some spinal, some ankle, even had an allergic reaction to a med I took for acne when I was a kid that spiked my white blood cells count to 22,600 and kept it there for almost 10 years after. This resulted in huge swelling of all my joints and my immune system attacking all the latent anti-bodies stored in my joints, causing havok on all my joints and tendons in general, coupled with a few dozen car wrecks (most of which I wasn't even the driver ) I'm just kind of generally wrecked. Makes it really hard to sell a doctor on whats wrong with me "Well, everything really". I just found this site, I already feel better about having a place to vent a bit. I'm tired of not being able to walk without pain killers, I'm tired of being chemically casterated, I'm tired of constantly assessing my current pain level and deciding if I can take my girl on a walk or if I'm done for the day and confinded to the couch after working all of a 5 hour shift. I'm tired of feeling like my doctor thinks I'm exagerating, I'm tired of being sent from one specialist to another because each limb needs a different dr apparently. I just want enough meds to enjoy the rest of my life and am perfectly willing to trade quantity of life for quality. If I burn my liver out by 40 so be it. If they don't want that to happen they should take the damn actmp out of the meds.

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    This is a scale I found. I'm past 10 on it.

    Pain scale:

    10 Your pain is intense, constant, greatly restricts your activities, and it is impossible to go more than 5 minutes without awareness of the pain.

    9 Same as above, but you can forget about the pain up to 15 minutes at a time.

    8 The pain is significant, moderately intense at times, but not constant. Most activities are affected, you think about pain once or twice an hour.

    7 Same as above, except that the pain is never intense.

    6 The pain is moderate yet too frequent to ignore. Some activities are affected. Hours can go by without being aware of the pain.

    5 Same as above except that almost no activities are affected.

    4 The pain is little more than a nuisance, and you go through the whole day frequently aware, but never affected by it.

    3 Same as above, except that the awareness of the pain may be absent for a whole day at a time.

    2 At its worst, the pain is best described as "a little uncomfortable." Days can go by without being aware of it.

    1 Same as above, except that the symptom does not recur more frequently than once a week.

    (Courtesy of AJ1 member at Men with Message Board)

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Yea .... that one is a little too mild alan, I agree. What they list as a 4, I call a 1. 10 to me is worse than
    impossible to go more than 5 minutes without awareness of the pain
    I found one one that listed 9, as pain so bad you think you are dieing.
    And 10 as pain so bad you wish you WERE dead. (It started w/ a 1 being annoying, but you could ignore it, and went from there.)

    I just caught a few minutes of Opra, as my daughter was changing channels. And someone was there describing their current pain as a 10. Not to downplay his pain, I am sure it was bad. But if he was able to be dressed, somewhere other than his bed, and able to form coherent sentences, it wasn;t a 10.
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    That scale Alan posted is laughable -- those levels are so low that a regular old, non-migraine headache could be described as a seven or even an eight. This must be the scale used by those doctors out there who hand out pain meds like Halloween candy.

    I found one one that listed 9, as pain so bad you think you are dieing.
    And 10 as pain so bad you wish you WERE dead. (It started w/ a 1 being annoying, but you could ignore it, and went from there.)
    This is similar, but not quite the same, as my personal definitions for a nine and a ten:

    Nine (9) is pain so severe that you're afraid you'll die.

    Ten (10) is pain so severe that you're afraid you won't die.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    Well, I wish I would die, so it's a 10 on that scale.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I remember what my pain felt like when I first felt it. It felt like someone lit my legs on fire and I was screaming. I think that was three weeks after I got hurt. The only way the pain would go away as if I watched somebody put a wet towel down on my leg and that was about it. I don't think it's changed much since then as far as the feeling goes but my pain changes depending on the weather, what I drink, what I eat, if the North Star is lined up with the moon, if the Earth axis tilts just a little bit, or if that guy on the other side of the world Falls down too hard. I don't know what the hell changes it but some days it's a lot worse than others, running an average of 6/10, never going to low oh 4/10. I've felt 10/10 when I've gotten autonomic dysreflexia so I know it's not that bad, but it can get pretty bad and pretty distracting. I'll tell you one thing that's really helped it, quitting smoking. When I smoked it was always 9/10 but since I've quit it's nowhere near as bad. I even took all the pain meds out of my baclofen pump, they weren't that effective after a little while anyways.
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    On that scale, my apin is past 10, but to me it's a 4. Everyone experiences pain differently.

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