the scs implanted stimulator and the tens have nothing in common as far as how they work on the body to stop the pain.
the one thing they do hqave in comon is the sensatipon that you feel, but as far as their mechanics of pain killing, nothing in common, as per the PM doctor i was seeing.
i have used both and i also was talked into having a spinal cord stimulator . even though the first one, a AQNS type never worked , even with 4 or 5 revisions. The Boston scientific precision plus is implanted in my lamina , the so called gold standard with 8 electrodes, that dont do crap , except make the salesman and doctors richer.
by all means try the TENS, i don't think there is a down side to it, you could probably borrow one, there are tons of people that have them in their drawers collecting dust.
the pain chart i used had #3 , pain intensity requires meds.