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Thread: Assisted Living Centers?

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    Nursing home is like prison. You want to exhaust every option before doing hard time.

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    rybread, you must be crushed. so sorry you are going through that. I hope you can stay where you are if at all possible. please keep us posted on your situation, and what steps you are taking to find caregivers. This is a good time to look for them, because people need the xtra income. My friend who has 4-5 has no trouble keeping the hours full, and no one is being late, or asking for days off. saying prayers for your hurt feelings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Peter View Post
    Nursing home is like prison. You want to exhaust every option before doing hard time.
    I agree. I was in a nursing home last year after my total colectomy for 3 months (due to complications) and I was in the same one this year after I had my rectum/anus removed and feeding tube placed. It was a living hell, especially since I had a roommate who would scream and cuss and throw stuff every night whenever one of the CNA's would change her diaper. I'd wake up to that every night at 4:00am. Plus, you can get bored easily of playing bingo and watching old cowboy movies all the time. I couldn't wait to come home to my apartment and my cat, Daisy.


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    Rybread, I am so sorry. I would advise you to check out what you are calling assisted living centers though. In my state, an assisted living center is only allowed to help you by providing your meals and housekeeping, and light ADLs such as dressing, and give you your medications. They are not allowed to do bowel, bladder or wound care, and such needs would require instead that you go to what is called a "skilled nursing facility" (ie, a nursing home). Do whatever you can to avoid this. It is nearly impossible to get good care in one, and as above, you loose your freedom and much of your dignity.

    See if you don't qualify for some state/county funded attendant care. Do you really need someone with you at night? Talk to your local ILC. They should be able to help you. I know that a lot of my AZ clients live alone even with fairly high injuries, and they do get attendant assistance through the state. You may also be able to supplement this with skilled services through an agency using your Medicare or Medicaid for things like wound care and bowel management if you are technically classified as homebound (which you would be if you are on bedrest for your pressure ulcer).

    Staying in your own place (either there or moving to an apt.) is always preferable to institutionalization. You remain in control of your life and your body.


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    I live too far away to offer any practical advice, but I just wanted you to know that I feel so badly for you, and well know how much words like that hurt to the core. Definitely look into some sort of ILC place. Even my condo has people who come here and work with several clients at a time, just going from one to another until everyone has their basic needs met. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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    Are you on ALTHCS (the long term version of AHCCCS)? If so, they do cover attendant care, skilled nursing for bowel/wound/skin care, etc. ABIL can help you determine your eligibility and help guide you through the process. You might try AZSCIA as well. Talk to Ashleigh.
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    you might check with VOA

    they might have some advice. can u get home health care through medicare? have an aide come out and do wound care and b0wel care?
    how about section 8? nursing homes are rough but sometimes better than nothing.

    good luck


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    Sorry Ryan. I know how much that hurt. My daughters burnt out taking care of me.
    They wanted a mom not a patient. They do lots for me that's not hands on.
    I spent 3 years in a NH. So thankful to my place at my sister's.
    I found out the same thing KLD said for here in Texas.
    Assisted Living won't do any invasive procedures.
    They have like 1 aide for the whole bldg. & no nurses.
    They won't let you have any aides of your own come in either.
    Someone needs to come up with something in between assisted & nursing homes.
    But you should have home health care that would take care of you.
    Call the aged & disabled section of Human Resources and ask them if they have CBA.
    Community Based Alternative.
    I have that & it beats HHC (which I was on for years) hands down.
    They provide aides, nurses, supplies, buy you adaptive aides and remodel your place.
    It would be nice if you could get on it.
    I'll pray for you. It can still work there.
    You're just gonna have to get good help and not lean on family.

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    Well I refused to go into a nursing home mainly from the horror stories I've heard, not to mention I stayed atchat well one for a month after surgery last year and it was horrible. It took forever to get any assistance for anything. My mom has since calmed down. Like I said earlier, I'm not under the same roof with them, just on the property in my own house. I do go through agencies to get the pay for my caregivers so only a few hours is out of my pocket. And as far as meeting someone at night, I need someone to help me with dinner and all that stuff and when I'm off bed rest, someone to get me into bed. I have nowhere near the strength to transfer myself and I've tried many of times. I've got a new nighttime caregiver starting this week, for just a couple of hours a night, not overnight or anything. That lady ended up quitting Wednesday night because she said I was mean to her. I had to be a little bit firm just to get a word in to get her to do stuff she talks so much, and even when I asked her to be quiet because I was having a lot of pain or anxiety, she would say how much he appreciated me asking her and then keep on talking. It really drove me nuts, not to mention in the three weeks that she worked here, she missed five days. Even my mom thought she was wacky because the night before she sat down to talk with my mom and me about her not being able to make it all the time, she talks so much neither my mom or I could get a word in and my mom eventually just left to get away from her. It was horrible. And here I hired her because I thought she would be most dependable because she seemed to be the most responsible of the bunch that I interviewed. Well, situation solved, and the new lady I hired knows how to do bowel care and is willing to learn how to fix my sore dressing if necessary. And she's nice and quiet unless we are talking. Just does her job and figures it out all on her own (I desperately needed help Friday night and she was willing to help even though I didn't have only interviews done). It's nice.
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    Hey, Ryan!

    Glad things are looking a bit better for you, friend.

    Wanted to let you know that I can't get into yahoo IM for whatever please don't think I am being snobby to you...

    Take care friend!


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