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Thread: "Device helps quadriplegics regain motion in hands"

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    "Device helps quadriplegics regain motion in hands"

    From our friends in Canada:

    A new electronic device, invented by Alberta researchers, may help patients with spinal cord injuries regain motion in their arms and hands.

    Known as the Rejoyce, the device is essentially a joystick that stimulates muscles through computerized exercise.

    For the device to work, the patient wears a wristlet that contains small electrodes, which stimulate muscles in the hands.

    The device is controlled by a small wireless earpiece and the patient clicks his or her teeth to open or close the hands.

    Ginny Bockman, a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair since a car accident two years ago, has regained some movement with the help of the Rejoyce.

    More here:

    The article mentioned current clinical trials in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand -- has anyone heard about them?

    It sounds interesting.

    Bill Miller
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    I would love to see this device work in ACTION.
    coolbreeze c6/7

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