Here is the situation, I am currently entering my senior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and I find myself with life at a fork in the road. I've tried really hard to live a normal life as a college student with SCI but I am beginning to enter a right of passage that thousands of others student as myself are trying to figure out what to do in life. On September 21 it will be my sixth year anniversary bound to a wheelchair. I am having trouble deciding what route to take and there is a lot of uncertainty as to what’s in store. Thinking about what to do induces anxiety alone.
On an individual basis I would like to continue further in my educational goals and graduate school is a possibility for me but I would also like to focus on my physical rehabilitation while I’m still young. In my eyes these two things are mutually exclusive because to put all my potential and be successful only one route can be taken alone. I'm not sure where things stand as to whether there are clinical trials that show promising results and how soon will it have an impact in the spinal cord community. Like everyone else in these forums I too hope to gain more independence and possibly walk unassisted someday.
Do I find a job right out of college and save for potential surgeries in the next few years? I know there is an unknown time frame as to when therapies will be provided to the public. Am I better off pursing my educational goal now or do I wait for clinical trails while it’s still in their infancy? Another question that comes to mind is there a 5-15 year window for real Chronic SCI therapies that provide functional results? I know all this is merely speculation but as of now there are not many factors that are keeping me from doing what I would like to do but I'm having trouble knowing what opportunity are out there.