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Thread: Ok, I bought me a guitar

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    I like good old Rock, Skynrd, ACDC, Kiss, HAgar Van halen but right now I am just gone to try to learn the chords, then hopefully the rest will come. I kinda hate to wast time though turning 50! wosrt thing my connection is dial-up so downloading is VERY very......slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    my connection is dial-up
    Ouch...! That's worse than sore fingers.

    Paramoto gives some very good advice.. "Learn basic music theory."
    Learn what makes up your chords. Knowing this is the most valuable information. boring at first but so well worth it in the long run and once you start to catch on it gets interesting. Once you know what makes up a chord you can figure out a chord for yourself and not have to have someone show you where it's at on the guitar. Learn the neck of your guitar.. know it.

    If the going gets tough...
    3 keys and a capo..!!

    No matter what... pick up the guitar everyday even if it's just for 10 min. I was doing this for awhile and that is when I was making the most progress, even when I was in a rut, this is the most important time to pick it up anyway.


    (Makes note: I need to apply my own advice for myself been awhile since I picked up my guitar)
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    If anyone is interested here is a pic of my garage band and I at our gig at the Hogs Breath cafe ( it was like something out of "Hedwig and the angry inch" , rockin the salad bar ).
    I usually prefer my tele but am playing a mates strat here.

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    I meant that. You buddies clearly have fun. Keep on rocking.

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    Great pic Lurch! Paramoto I'm still trying to download the video

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    Hey Duge that's awsome, and very inspiring. When I first injured I kinda went thru my bucket list. The guitar was on it. Been kickin' around the idea ever since. My brother-in-law plays, said he'd give me lessons. With an ol' fart like you picking it up at 50 now I just have to being a young verile soon to be 48.
    Rock On!
    (Hey can I be a roadie? Man those ladies dancin' in Paramoto's video were SMOKIN' HOT )
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    sore fingers is good duge.

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    Nice photo Lurch. Any band wearing a Led Zeppelin T shirt has to be OK in my book.

    Duge, we have similar tastes and similar age, I am 45. It´s cool to take any approach you like as long as you have fun and enjoy it. Music helps get my mind off of things and is great therapy. I hope it will do the same for you.

    Nowadays the internet is an awesome tool. When I started way back the only thing you could rely on was your ears and an occasional tab in guitar magazines. Someone mentioned Justin in youtube, he is usually very accurate and has a lot of useful info. Another worth mentioning is a guy named marcos farhat (I believe) I have found him to be very accurate in his lessons and has two and three screens at times. He is very good also. There are thousands of others, some incredibly talented and some not that much, but you may benefit from most of them.

    Yeah, I almost forgot, man, Dial up?? That´s gotta be tough. Anyways, the video I put up is Sweet Child of mine played about two weeks ago, part of a 28 song set we did. It doesn´t really show my set up, which is on its third generation. My first one was a huge table I had to have carried around to put my stuff on top. Now I use a carpet covered wood rack rig a friend built for me that is much smaller and easier to use. It all depends on what your goals are. Just go for it. I can´t help but feel happy every time I read here someone is playing or starting to pick up an instrument. There are some very inspiring videos of quads playing awesome slide guitar too. Very motivating.

    Have a great day!
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    Cheers ,now if only we could play like Zepp . We do try to cover "rock and roll " but generally we just stick to originals . 1 to stay within our limitations as musicians and 2 to avoid comparisions with good bands ( like zepp ) .

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