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Thread: Ok, I bought me a guitar

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    There are tons of guitar instruction DVDs available through NetFlix. Rent and dub.

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    Man my fingers are so sore!! Already, I have trimmed back my nails. My son goes "there's NO way your gonna play with any nails so.......I'm cutting them back everyday also! Thanks for the help everyone! Keep it coming though!

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    Duge, congrats. I don't play any instrument at all now but did try the keyboard there for awhile. Nick though, he loves the guitar and has one. He plays by ear. I love to hear him play my favorite, Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

    Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I see him enjoy his. Also, I hear it is a good way to lose yourself in it and get away from it all, you know what I mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    Man my fingers are so sore...
    That will soon go away just keep it up as long as you can each time and pretty soon you won't even notice it anymore.

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    hae I can play a mean guitar

    Power cords then you have freedom to jam , Ive been playing along time, cant read but i can hear it. Im trying to get back into it,music is your soul

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    Heaps of good advive here , I will just add to tune it every time you play it ,it will help develop your ear . Try to learn a little bit of basic musical theory ,it will help a lot in the long run . Most importantly play play play and have fun with it.

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    I'm proud of you. You have fingers that work, so use 'em! (Yeah, I'm a lil jealous. That's ok, still happy for you!)

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    Hell so far I haven't even mastered one chord yet! seems like I end up deading one string or another. My son tells me it happens and just takes time to develope. I have always loved music, mainly hard rock so....... I am NOT going to give up on this. got my nails trimmed so short there hurting but it will stop. I should have bought the Hal lenord book while I was there, seems like the things my son's got for me may just be a bit advanced for a old man my age!

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    I played guitar for quite a while when young, then stopped for around 10 years. After my accident got back to it and put a cover band together. We do some gigging totally as a side thing, but we have tons of fun and its been great therapy. I am a para, and I am very proud to have overcome the wheelchair challenge, at least as far as the guitar goes. What type of music are you into?

    Anyways, here is a video of a concert we did two weeks ago.......hope you like it!! If you have any questions regarding the guitar, let me know, I´ll do my best to help you, at this stage I have tried a bunch of things related to the guitar and wheelchair. Hope the video thing works.

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    By the way, as far as starting out goes, no matter what your goal is with the instrument I strongly believe that you should dedicate a few days to learn basic music theory. You want to learn and understand at least major and minor scale intervals and basic chord formation. This will give you a basic understanding of why your fingers go where they go, and give you the knowledge to understand chord inversions in the future. Also learn every single note on the fretboard, starting with the first five frets. At first all this was very difficult to understand, like mathematics, but once you get it you won´t find it that hard. Beyond that you can get away with that foundation to go into tabs and videos to learn the songs you like. Everything will be much easier once you get beyond the basic theory.

    Just my .02, hope it helps you!
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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