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Thread: Ok, I bought me a guitar

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    Ok, I bought me a guitar

    Now I want to learn how to play it! My youngest is trying to help me but he has a very short patience and I'm pretty damm dumb when it comes to this! I use to play drums but my feet wont work now so I have always wanted to learn how to play so.......why not now? anybody got any words of advice I need all the help I can get!

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    I taught myself when I was a young teen. The Hal Leonard books helped. Keep your fingernails short (I could never pick with my fingernails *shivers*) and develop those calluses as fast as you can by practicing every day!

    I liked the thumb picks that would securely stay on your thumb, personally.

    It's been a long time for me though. Good luck! I have a violin collecting dust until I find a teacher ..
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    oh duge! oh, that is so cool. I can show you some things. If you have a steel string guitar put on silk and steel diadario or martin strings. less sore fingers. more playing time. nice sound, easy to push againts the finger board.

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    I personally think the easiest way to get going is by learning how to read guitar tab. You don't have to know how to read music to read tab and once you get the basics of it down it will open up lots of avenues.
    This is a quick tutorial. There are numerous tab sites out there, just Google a song and then add on "guitar tab" behind it and something should pop up.

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    utube teaches a lot of stuff you want to play.

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    Learn the minor pentatonic blues scale and you're sorted for life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by duge View Post
    anybody got any words of advice I need all the help I can get!
    Awesome... I just started learning myself not long ago.
    I have found YouTube to be very helpful. One of my favorites on YouTube is rockongoodpeople from

    Good Luck and happy picking.

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    I too took up guitar not long ago. I found a web site that is extremely helpful. It is I learned quite a bit on this site. It is free

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossm View Post
    Learn the minor pentatonic blues scale and you're sorted for life!
    I agree, you can have a lot of fun with just this one scale

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    All good advice! I second the Hal Leonard books. Very thorough. I play almost exclusively with my fingernails, which is different that some, but the tonal options available to a nail are wider than with a finger alone, IMO. Tab is useful but reading notation isn't much harder and will allow you to communicate and integrate with other musicians easier, and also allow you to take music for other instruments and transcibe it to the guitar without having to figure it out by ear. Cello and fiddle are my favorites to make guitar music from!

    I think the consistency of practice is better than the length. 10-15 minutes a day, every day, is better than 1 hour or more once a week, IMO.

    Enjoy and good luck!

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