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Thread: Nucynta

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    just wanted to add my personal experiance about Nucynta. I am trying to get away from fentanyl patch so my pain doc put me on 50mg of Nucynta. Its took the edge off the pain and had zero side effects at that dose.

    Told my pain doc it went well and he upped it to a 75mg tab. I took it went for a nap woke up and was confused as hell, tried to call my wife, dad and mom but couldn't figure their numbers, the room was spinning and I felt on the verge of passing out so I called 911 and took a ambualnce ride to the hospital.

    The ER doc never heard about this drug but once he read up on it he told me to stop it right away and make another appointment with the pain doc.

    I never have bad side effects from drugs besides constipation and dry mouth so this scared the hell out of me, felt like I was dying or something. I know there are success stories with this drug but wanted to add my experiance..
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    It did nothing for me or the pain, did not have bad side affects either so I feel lucky especially after reading all these posts.
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    This past month I took more Nucynta than usual (breakthru episodes only); and sure enough - my latest blood tests show slightly elevated levels of AST/ALT liver damage markers:
    AST: 37
    ALT: 35

    Additionally, I have been on 1200mg. Neurontin daily since 1998. This is the first time my blood work has shown elevated AST/ALT markers (been getting blood tested every 4 months for several years now).

    Think I am going to avoid the Nucynta on my next breakthru episodes. I need a healthy liver & I don't drink alcohol.

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    I substituted nucynta (50m-2x/day) for OxyContin (10mg-2x/day) a few weeks ago, and it really has helped my phantom pain in my legs, as my refered pain at the level of my injury (T-7 complete). We did have to increase the Nucynta to 3x/day to optimize the coverage throughout the day. Currently the pins & needles to shin splint pain in my legs is is much more tolerable . It has only been a month, but I am cautiously optimistic about the change.

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    i tried nucynta and the side effects were too severe, i am not sure what they were as it was well over a year ago, fentora worked fine for my for 7 years, opioid epidemic pain patient victim
    i see a problem with this opioid epidemic and the requirement that doc move patients onto these new meds such as tramadol and nucynta , with straight oxycodone. morphine the harm to the body is very low even with high doses, and th big + in opiates is there is no upper limit.
    Tramadol daily limit is like 300 mg and tramadol is hard on your organs, a pain patient is not going to stop at 300mg a day if they are still in pain, i never did when i was on tramadol. I am sure 20 years of tramadol usage will show up in your organs , whereas opioids taken as prescribed , even in high doses ,do not damage the body
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