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Thread: Nucynta

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    Side Effects from Nucynta - Beware

    I read all your posts on this new drug, Nucynta, which my pain doctor just put me on. Warning, I wound up in the E Room last night over this drug. I was having severe pain, the meds weren't doing anything for it at all so I took the Nucynta 2 hours ahead of schedule. I wound up out of nowhere having dizzy spells which turned into almost passing out spells and barely made it to the car and was in the ER within two minutes. I had difficulty breathing correctly and seriously thought I was going. Please, do not deviate from what your doctor tells you as far as the time schedule for this drug. It was very scary and I seriously thought this is it. Never again will I take this drug no matter what. I've been on oxycodone for years and never had a problem. He started this stupid pill that did absolutely nothing for pain and I wind up in the hospital.

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    Been taking nucynta for 2 weeks

    My pain doc put me on nucynta after taking tramadol/vicodin for almost 2 years. In the last few months I was taking 1200mg of tramadol and he recommended nucynta. I suffer from severe lower back pain from military/body building for many years.

    First off it took me 10 days to find a pharmacy that had it in stock. The first day I took as prescribed (1 every 6-8 hours/ 4x) but I was having issues coming off of that much tramadol/vicodin because I had a body dependency.

    I have no side effects from the nucynta, but I'm only seeing a 50-60% relief from this drug. Since I have a surplus of other meds I have been taking 100mg of tramadol with the 50mg nucynta and that is very effective for me. I don't know what my doctor will say when I see him next??? I have come off the vicodin all together. I am too much of a chicken s*it to double the dose of the nucynta.

    I like the nucynta, but I don't think it is what it is cracked up to be. I'm going to stay on it for a couple more weeks just to see what happens.

    My first gripe is that it is a SII drug, so you cannot get refills (new script for each prescription). I have no idea why the FDA put it with SII drugs??? Tramadol is 6 and Vicodin is 4, what gives?

    I'll keep posting my progress - nothing scary on my end so far.

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    Just wanted to say my Pain Management doctor prescribed Nucynta to me - couldn't tell me much information about it but he had "few others" in his facitility taking this without any problems. Even Walgreens had no information write-up on this drug. 1 1/2 days into treatment with this drug, I had only taken 3 doses, I ended up in the ER Urgent Care because I had physically passed out at my desk at work. The response I received from the doctor's office was minimal and the nurse at his office acted, to me, like this way not as big of a deal as I was making it out to be. My blood pressure had elevated enough to cause other physical problems and it took a good two to three days for everything to come back to normal. I am middle-aged and NEVER had any problems with my blood pressure. When I asked for a supplement - they told me that I needed to just get everything out of my system and then call them in a couple of weeks. I would not recommend this drug to anyone!

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    I was just given this drug today for depression and pain any person taking the drug nucynta for depression ?

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    I just got a prescription for Nucynta. Yall are scaring me. When I tried Neurontin I passed out, got dizzy and thought I was going to die. Laid in bed 3 days. I didn't give Savella the chance to get me that bad though I thought it might would've if I would’ve kept at it. All the seizure drugs affected me horribly. Walgreens said their warehouse didn't even carry Nucynta but they could special order it. I will have to pay 2$ a pill. Don't know now if it would be worth even looking for.

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    It's the next thing to morphine
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
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    I have been on the duragesic patch for 6 years...50mg..and am wondering if switching to nucynta would help.Also,would I have to wean myself from the patch prior to taking nucynta.Thanks

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    I have been taking Nucynta 50 mg. for approximately 2 months. I cannot take any other narcotic medication due to severe side effects- nausea, hyperactiviety, low oxygen level. I have found Nucynta helps my pain pretty effectively without severe side effects. It does not knock me out, in fact it makes a little hyper. Not as much as other narcotics. I can function and don't feel impaired, other than a little agitated. I suffer from insomnia anyway so it's hard to tell if this drug makes me any more sleep deprived. I would not be scared to take this drug. I have tried oxycontin, vicodin, fentynl, morphine, and found nucynta to have less side effects than these. If you can tolerate other narcotic medications, you may want to compare effectiveness. As for me, it's about my only option.

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    What is the nature of your pain?

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    Nucynta and headaches


    I'm new to the Forum.

    I have severe Fibromyalgia as well as Arthritis in my knees, all through my back and in my hands.

    I have managed to have a "sort" of life using Fentanyl patches, Hydrocodone, and others. My PM doctor gave me a script for Nucynta 50 mg on Thursday, suggesting that I start with a half of a pill.

    The first day I had some nausea, but had a monstrous headache. The headache starts to go away after 4-5 hours, but as soon as I take another half pill, it comes back. None of the headaches are as bad as the first day, and I no longer have any nausea.

    My question is this: Have any of you had headaches from the Nucynta, and if you have, did they disappear as your body got used to the drug? Or do you still have them??

    Thanks, Fibrolady

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