I read all your posts on this new drug, Nucynta, which my pain doctor just put me on. Warning, I wound up in the E Room last night over this drug. I was having severe pain, the meds weren't doing anything for it at all so I took the Nucynta 2 hours ahead of schedule. I wound up out of nowhere having dizzy spells which turned into almost passing out spells and barely made it to the car and was in the ER within two minutes. I had difficulty breathing correctly and seriously thought I was going. Please, do not deviate from what your doctor tells you as far as the time schedule for this drug. It was very scary and I seriously thought this is it. Never again will I take this drug no matter what. I've been on oxycodone for years and never had a problem. He started this stupid pill that did absolutely nothing for pain and I wind up in the hospital.