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Thread: Lower right sided abdominal pain

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    Lower right sided abdominal pain

    I work up this morning with lower right sided abdominal pain - sort of in the moon shaped area where my pelvic bone ends. It hurts more when I move or clench my muscles. I've had my appendix out, bowels seem ok although a little more gassy than usual, felt a bit out of sorts but no fever or anything like that. Any ideas what it could be? Stretched muscle? I haven't slept well the last few nights and have tossed and turned more than usual. I've also been pretty stressed out lately and this is now adding to my freaking out. Took some tylenol and am playing the wait and see game - hoping that its better tomorrow.

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    Whenever I get pain like that, I attribute it to gas since I ... well ... can't fart on command. Forget my bluntness .. lol. I didn't check your profile for level so not sure if you can either ...
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    Rollerblade, I'm sorry you're hurting (and stressed out).

    At the risk of sounding like a medical professional (I'm not), can you describe the pain in a little more detail -- is it constant or intermittent/throbbing, dull or sharp, does it hurt more if you press on it, etc.? Is the area warmer than the areas around it?

    A side note about the Tylenol -- if the pain is a muscle strain, you might get better relief from taking ibuprofen. It's an anti-inflammatory, and has always provided me much greater relief from muscle pain than acetaminophen. Just be sure to take your Motrin/Advil with food or milk to protect your stomach.
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    Just got back from the drs as the pain itself had started to get better but I developed a fever (around 100). Dr wasn't too sure what to make of it - took blood of course - did a urine dipstick and didn't find bacteria - a little bit of blood but my period is imminent. She said there were a lot of ketones in my urine - no family history of diabetes so can a SCI nurse tell me what that might mean? So we are treating as a UTI with Cipro and she's doing a urine culture for me and bloodwork. I felt that it may have been a ruptured ovarian cyst as I have very irregular cyles and the pain was intense on the first day but she said they'd be no fever with that. Is she right? So she's treating for UTI, I'm thinking the antibiotics will help if it was a ruptured cyst and once again it seems to be a guessing game and wait and see.

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    I think I'm missing something here. Your doctor is treating you with Cipro and running a urine culture as though you have a UTI even though a dipstick didn't find any bacteria in your urine? That doesn't make any sense.

    The keytones in your urine are a byproduct of the body breaking down fats to use as energy. This occurs in diabetics when their blood sugars get too high (usually called diabetic ketoacidosis), but it is also a by product of ultra-high protein, ultra-low carb diets and starvation. Having too many keytones present in the body can cause the blood to become acidic, a potentially very dangerous situation.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    I know .. I'm confused. Urine culture grew bacteria - of course - I told her I was probably colonized. But the fever must have been an indication of an infection somewhere so I guess the cipro can't hurt. Going back on Monday to retest urine for ketones. Am pretty stressed out but what can you do? You can't exactly argue with your dr and when you feel terrible you see who you can - it was that or go to the ER and I haven't had much better treatment there *sigh*.

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    Hi Rollerblade ,

    My mother is complaining of similar pain ( Lower Right Side Abdomen Pain ..near to pelvis ). Doctors have done a diagnosis but couldnt find anything. Urologist & GI specialist have done the tests ( culture & Sigmoidoscopy ) and found nothing. She says its a squeezing pain.

    I am totally clueless as to what needs to be done next to find out the root cause for her pain. Can you please tell me if your pain was diagnoized and if yes how and what medications were provided ?
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    While on business in Birmingham I was living in a hotel and the pain in my lower right quadrant was incredible. I drank a bottle of citrate of magnesium Friday night and another bottle Saturday night. It was an incredible logistical success of not making a mess out of the inaccessible room.

    Finally couldn’t stand it any longer and on Sunday (Easter) went to the nearest hospital at about 6 am. The doc told me I was clean enough to scope and to make a long story short, after I got back home the conclusion was ‘bladder spasms”.

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    A squeezing pain does not sound like neuropathic pain - in my opinion. Usually, it indicates something else is going on. Any idea what type of diagnositics were done besides a sigmoidoscopy?

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    Have you been checked for a kidney stone? My first kidney stone presented as lower right sided abdominal pain and because of the acute pain we went to the ER (it was late at night). When the doc ordered a CT scan to rule out appendicitis a stone was found instead. Once the stone moved lower in the ureter the pain in that area decreased.
    Hope those of you who are feeling the same symptoms find answers soon!
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