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Thread: Bloody urine in Foley bag, blood from penis

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    Bloody urine in Foley bag, blood from penis

    Yesterday, after a Foley change, my urine was bloody, and and some blood came from my penis. I presumed that the new catheter irritated things. Is this the likely cause?

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    You might want to test for infection.

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    Any chance the balloon was still partially in your urethra when it was filled? That would certainly cause bleeding.

    Was enough lube used? A pseudo dry insertion would probably irritate your urethra enough to cause some bleeding.

    How much blood are we talking about? How long after the cath change did the bleeding persist?
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    It's possible there wasn't enough lube. The bleeding stopped after a short while.

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    I had this happen before when I cathed I noticed there was blood at the tip of the cath and it did hurt like a bitch going in, and also coming out. I never used a foley but i'm thinking its probably the same issue, try using a less thick cath.

    I found out that I was using too big of a diameter of cath (I was using 14" french) now I use 12", it went in fine but when it came to penetrating the Spinster muscle, the muscle is so tight I had to jam it in at the end and thats what caused the bleeding.
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    Sorry to hear about your problem during foley catheter change. My suggestion is get the foley out of your urethra & go for suprapubic catheter surgery. It's the best thing I ever did. I go to Nursing Urology clinic at the VA in Tampa every five weeks to have it changed. I could get it done at home if I wanted to but I don't want to have to have one of the VA home care nurses travel to my house just to change my catheter so I go there to have it done instead. Foley's would hurt my penis head. I had the surgery 2/05 & havn't looked back since. I straight cathed for awhile & I would bleed every time. I tried different types of catheters & always used a lot of lube each time. I even tried several different catheters in the bag & it was the same problem each time.

    Good luck to you. I hope you solve your problem soon.

    Bob S.
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    In all liklihood, the catheter irritated the urethra when you inserted it. Make sure that the catheter is well lubricated, that the balloon of the old one is deflated and that you drink plenty of fluids, especially right after you insert the new catheter.


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