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Thread: I booked my trip for next? Did I do the right thing?

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    I booked my trip for next? Did I do the right thing?

    Am I nutz? I am scared to take vacations. I take small ones to silly places like Pidgeon Forge TN or Branson,Mo or places that are close. I decided to take my wife back to Jamaica to Couples resort. I booked early so that I can get a discount and all of the other perks. Not a bad price at 3000k for everything. I dont have a chair and I can walk unassisted with no problem but the sensory on me is out of wack. Some neuropain and spasticity but am I doing the right thing? For some reason, I always think I cant do things but when I am in the moment it kind of all works out. What do you guys think? I dont have to worry about B&B problems as those resolved in my first 6 months of SCI. I will get stiffer on the plane but I can manage as I have flown to FL last year and did just fine. Is it just me or what?


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    Wow, it sounds great! I went to Jamaica about 15 years ago (quad, in manual chair at the time) and had a great time. I even did the river rafting as they were more than happy to help me into the seat and then drive my wheelchair to the place the raft would end up. Just a quiet river, not even a hint of rapids or I couldn't have done it, but the orchids growing overhead and the bird sounds will always be remembered by me. If you get a chance to go to Rose Hall for dinner ($$$) it is just gorgeous. I think you will be fine, have a great time, and unlike me, you won't have to bribe a Jamaican to put my chair on the plane for the trip home. (I think if I hadn't today it would be a banana vendor's cart.....)

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