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Thread: What do you do at the beach!

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    hey thanks guys! Pat thanks for the offer but its alright, I'm just going to buy a beach chair to set up and we are bringing a grill and stuff. I'll simply get carried to the set up spot and then crutch to the water and throw my crutches and then just fall in ha. I'll have a body board as well so I can go out farther than just rolling around like a beach whale.

    Also yes I am at Project Walk! Its a great place.
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    F the carrying, use a walker [no wheels] you can always use it as a grill spit later on. If you are going to a nude beach, bring plenty of sun block, looks like you will need it. Remember the Sonny and Cher song half breed? Don't get skin cancer!!!!!!!!!!

    Living by the beach it took me 5 years to get to the surf, but a few months ago I did, Took off the shoes walked 500' and I was in the ocean, up to my knees. Had any body I knew seen this at 6 AM they would have thought "suicide" no one seen, I was clean for this time.

    West Coast is easier than East Coast Sand so I hear. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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