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Thread: Kids say the funniest things

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    Talking Kids say the funniest things

    I thought I would share this with all. Awhile back we decided to get those alarm systems that also offer you the little thingie you can wear around your neck in case you fall and need help. Isis was there listening to the man telling us the benefits and everything. When they finished setting up the system, they gave us two of those little things for your neck. Nick gave me one to wear and we decided that in the event that he might be gone to the store or whatever, it would be good in case I did any help at all. Isis watched as I put it around my neck. She was sitting on the corner of my bed and then asked me, "Gramma, can I put the other one on my neck too?". I asked her why did she want one. She procedes to tell me .. "well, there are two of them and you are wearing one so I can wear the other one". I tell her that is for in case that I might need help I can get help by pushing the button on it. Her comeback was so funny to hear. "But Gramma, what if I fall down and can't get up? I can used it to call for help too.". That really made me burst out laughing. Made my day. LOL I can imagine her in place of the woman in the advertisements laying on the floor and calling out, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up.".

    Does anyone have something funny that someone(child especially) has said that made you howl with laughter like this and yet see the innocence in them?

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    Raven, that is so funny, and so Isis... LOL.

    I have to tell one on my own self...

    When I was a child, probably about 3 or 4, my Mama and I were in church, and there was this elderly gentleman that ALWAYS gave any child he saw a stick of chewing gum.

    After he offered me some, and I took Mama says, "Teena, what do you say?" (thinking I would say "thank you"...

    I looked up at the man, so innocent...and said...

    "Do you think my Mama wants some?!!!" ROFL!

    I think my Mama tried to shrink into the carpet at that

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    Another one happened when I was co-teaching Sunday school with a lady named Cathy, years later...

    The children were doing watercolor butterflies.

    They each had a lttle paint set, and their own brush.

    One little boy held his brush up like the Statue of Liberty's torch...and said, "Miss Cathy, Miss Cathy!!!"

    She said, "What is it, child?:

    He says, "My paintbrush is having a bad hair day!!!"

    We HOWLED!!!

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