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Thread: noob sayin hi any other trikers

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    Cyclops and Seth o, those trikes look like something from the Anime Akira! Very very cool!

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    yep same here guy's ive had this trike 3 years now and i ride it hard alot of the time ive never had it tip or even feel like it's gona tip
    infact it feels more like the front will let go first IE understear

    the place that built mine does track day's on his and has never rolled it
    allthough setho's can-am does look like it will corner faster

    i did look at the can-am setho but it was a bit to costly for me and also felt a bit more like a quad than a bike i also looked at the t-rex , they both look a lot of fun
    t-rex --

    have also checked out lee beaver's landing gear is that the same as your ZX12 setho ?
    and the same as you said it looks a bit to dicey for the raod even more so over here in the UK as the roads aint the best , pot hole's ect
    had vision's of stopping at traffic lights and finding a hole lol that would be game over
    lee beaver video

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