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Thread: Wheelchair accessible furniture?

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    I have this really nice chair, a bit expensive tho, made by quickie, comes with wheels on it to easily move when re-arranging room layouts

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    We have these too...they're great, plus high enough that my husband can get in and out relatively easily. We go to Laz-e-boy when we are looking to buy and hunt around for the tallest chairs. They always seem to have something that is high up enough.

    Another mod we have tried is building a box out of plywood that sits under the seat cushions. He uses that at his parents' house on their old, soft, low sofa and it works great (especially for the Thanksgiving post-turkey nap).

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    I see that this is an old post. However, we recently purchased a Lazy Boy "home theater" type set up. It's 2 recliners that fit together. One has an electric lever that allows you to recline by pushing this little lever. . The other seat is manual. The nice thing about these are that they fit together like a love seat and are perfect height for easy transfer. We got them in black leather AND they both have CUP HOLDLERS!!! :}
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    The couch I have is the Ektorp by Ikea. It is easy to get up from the floor to the couch and couch to wheelchair. It very comfortable to sit and sleep on. For the kitchen table, we measured my wheelchair to make sure that the wheelchair would fit underneath it. We bought it at Fry's supermarket. We also measured the bed from the height of the wheelchair and did not put a box spring underneath it. Instead, there are the bed frame, wood slots and then the mattress. All three are from Ikea as well.

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