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Thread: Wheelchair accessible furniture?

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    Wheelchair accessible furniture?

    What couches, chairs, etc work best for everyone?

    Do you just adapt to everything you have?

    Did you buy something post injury based on height/width specifications?

    Any specific store/brand name/designer stand out?
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    My mother uses a lift to transfer, so generally this means she stays in her wheelchair most of the time. She does use a ceiling tracklift at home for bed, toilet and an easy chair in the living room, so the height of the furniture is less important than it was when she could still do a manual transfer, and we don't have to worry about getting a lift underneath the bed or chair.

    When shopping for things like dining tables, computer tables, etc. I just take a tape measure with me and make sure that there is sufficient foot clearance and that her chair will fit underneath. They even provide tape measures at Ikea, so have purchased both her computer table and a small dining table there. For other friends with disabilities who do use the couch (which she has had for 20 years), we have raised it up with wooden blocks to make transfers easier.


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    I figured risers were a must, but I was hoping there were members that had luck and or had advice for specific chairs/couches/maybe not sectionals but...
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    We got 2 recliner chairs that work well for us. The recliners are by pushing a button it will recline us or bring us back to an upright position. The height of the recliner chair is about the same as our wheelchair seat height, so transferring is not an issue.

    We got them at Pilgrim not know if you have that company by you..but I am sure other furniture stores would have something similar.
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    yep 2x4 cut off work here but i can in manual get under kitchen table

    but i quit transfering to couch to much trouble soon as i would transfer i would want something i know this is dumb but i have been this way since shepards 8yrs ago i get really panicy if i am not in my chair only place i don/t is in bed otherwise i get panic struck

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    My own couches are too low, but I like them, so I stay off 'em, but 2 of my friends have couches that either have a chaise-style end, or the other has a sectional where the end jutts out without an arm rest, and it makes it easier to have that side open for transferring in-or out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    i know this is dumb but i have been this way since shepards 8yrs ago i get really panicy if i am not in my chair only place i don/t is in bed otherwise i get panic struck
    Not goofy at all. I feel much more dependent if I am not in my chair. I know there is a time lag if I wanted to do something/go somewhere else. I don't transfer to furniture unless I plan on settling there for quite a while.
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    I bought a leather couch. Cushions dont sink as much and the one I got is a bit higher than others. Its still a job to get up from, but doable.

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    We put bricks under our kitchen table legs and it brought it up perfectly so that our son can fit under it. I'm glad you started this post as I have been wondering about furniture also. Hopefully, others will add their thoughts and experiences. I did see a recliner chair at Ikea that looked promising.

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    ditto good topic, could make a sticky when results are in.
    i can walk so transfer is not an issue nor is regular furniture.
    however i have been sleeping in a zero gravity chair since november, relax the back stores sell them.
    i actually had the chair for a couple years, tries sleeping in it years ago, didnt like it, tried to sell it since i never used it, it was too hard to get a computer monitor in front of .
    i switched to another recliner for sitting and computing.
    i had company so i slept in chair, found out i felt better in am, and have continued since.
    twice when at motels i have slept in regular bed and in AM i am sore and feel like a truck ran over me.
    don't have that feeling when i sleep in the zero gravity mode. though i do make a huge amount of urine,due to legs being up.
    i still need to make a frame to go around the chair that will hold a cople of big monitors , since it is so much better on my unstable spine than the other recliner.
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