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Thread: Transportation around Las Vegas

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    Transportation around Las Vegas

    T10 9 months post injury.

    Any suggestions on transporation from the airport to my hotel in Vegas? We are staying at Caesars. Just me and my wife and we will probably have at least 3 suitcases.

    I've only transferred into a car 4 times since my injury. I've been using a minivan with a ramp.

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    Tons of information on this forum about this previously if you use the search function.

    There are wheelchair accessible airport shuttles to the Strip that cost from $11-14 round trip. Just check in at one of the shuttle desks (Bell, Grayline, etc.) at the airport. No need to reserve ahead of time.

    Once you get there, both the city buses that go up and down the Strip or to downtown are wheelchair accessible. You can get accessible cabs too (check with the bellman). There are a couple of shuttle companies that run up and down the strip as well (for a small fee) and they are also accessible. Distances are further than they look on the Strip, and pushing outdoors in the summer heat can really drain you.


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    if u don't want to transfer, then get a sky cap at baggage claim and he'll take u to the curb and get a taxi for u. ask for an accessible cab and they'll get u one pretty quick. go to my site and read my las vegas info through my "travel" link.

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    Yea they got accessible taxis at all the major hotels the smaller ones you might have to wait a lil so they can call for one. But everything out there is accessible. Have fun. I am going again at the end of the month...

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