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Thread: T5-6 bladder issues

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    T5-6 bladder issues

    im T5-6 complete since 10-12-04. didnt have any bladder problems for first 6 months, no meds no leaking no problems. since then its been a crap shoot. ditropan xl worked great for about a year , it was great except for the dry eyes was bad. then it stopped working all together. i went up to the max on ditropan xl but couldnt take the side effects and it didnt work anyway. had uro test done and everything was fine. then i tried vesicare, santura, impremine along with ditropan, nothing worked. after aloy of trial and error with no results i tried detrol la and i had to go to 4 mgs twice a day but it worked great until now. about 3 weeks ago it just decided it wasnt going to work anymore like a light switch it was done. had test done for uti and came back negative. since then somtime my bladder will hold 300-400 ccs and not leak for 3-4 days and then starts again. the detrol la was great with no side effects and im running out of meds to try. my uro dr. wants to try botox but my insurance doesnt cover it yet. im going back in a few weeks for uro tast again and ultrasound. until 3 weeks ago my bladder would hold 600ccc without a problem. cathing every 6 hours. my dr. says my bladder will keep changing from time to time. if thats the case i want be able to hold 3ounces next year sorry so long, any suggestions

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    Sounds like your urologist does know what they are doing. I would recommend though that you cath more often during the day...every 4 hours. Although you may have gotten by with 600 cc. in the past, the max recommended is about 450 cc. at any one time.

    Are you also having frequent UTIs?

    Have you tried any of those drugs in combination? I assume you have cut out caffeine from your diet as well?

    Have you tried Ditropan bladder instillations?

    Have you actually filed an appeal with your insurance over the Botox issue.


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    yes i really like my urologist, he seems to go the exra to help me. no i havent had a uti in over 2 years since i started using a new cath each time. tried impremine with the ditropan but it made my heart rate go crazy. only drink bottle water but cant seem to regulate it, sometime i leak after 2 hours and sometime after 6 hours its only 200ccs. my urologist just started doing the botox and he said insurance will pay for it sooner or later

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