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Thread: Drying in private areas

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    I would suggest that if you do try a hair dryer, even on low, that you keep your hand beside wherever you are drying at all times to make sure that you can feel with your normal sensation how hot any area is getting before a burn can occur. It only takes seconds of heat to burn skin without sensation because we don’t try to move it away.

    To reduce the chances of wetness leading to yeast infections always use a clean dry towel for that area designated as only for that area (don’t use it on the body or bottom) and change it every day (helps prevent bladder infections too). I know that you (jhorn4012) were having trouble even drying there due to spasms but if you or anyone else does dry there then this strategy may help

    I always stay in bed for a while after my shower to make sure I am dry before getting up. If I get up damp I will be damp all day because no air circulates in between my legs when I am in my chair.

    If she is sweating it could be from discomfort rather than just moisture so make sure that her cushion is working (properly inflated, not leaving red marks etc.) and that she is weight shifting properly and enough.

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    easy way to 'frog' legs and passive stretch for low back

    Laying in bed on your back with your legs frogged for at least 30 minutes twice daily is a great way to get air into the groin area.

    i recently found a low-tech, inexpensive, lightweight way to stretch my low back and it would help anyone needing air exposure to groin, too.
    if your daughter can't lie flat, maybe you could prop her upper body with pillows or a wedge cushion?
    for the lower body, turn a sturdy, rectangular plastic laundry basket topside down on the bed, then place lower legs up on the basket, put a pillow under calves, makes 'frogging' easier, gives a good passive stretch to lower back.
    also would give good air access to groin, esp. if done under a ceiling fan.

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    crashbang...welcome...your profile isn't complete so I was wondering your level of injury or are you a caregiver? Sorry if I missed a post telling us all about yourself...judy

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    hi judy,
    i'm new here and trying to learn the ropes, haven't filled in my profile yet.
    i had an incomplete c5 injury in 1970 from a waterskiing accident, i was a young teen. i was fortunate to get an emergency laminectomy and fusion
    within hours after my accident. i was in halo traction on a stryker frame bed for about eight weeks and started getting some arm movement
    after the first two weeks, could wiggle big toe on right foot at end of hospital stay. my left side was more affected than right.
    i was released to my parents' care at home and had outpatient PT and OT
    for about a year, ultimately I was able to walk with a spastic gait, had some b&b sensation and limited control, some respiratory issues, quad hands, but was able to grasp and pinch, so able to function independently.
    i've had a nice life, went to college, grad school, got married, had two kids, worked for years at a job i loved. i was in an auto accident in 1996 and have since had decrease in function, steady increase in pain and fatigue so now i'm in a manual chair or using a scooter fulltime. it wasn't easy to transition away from walking, i've had many falls and injuries attempting to continue walking, but at a certain point it wasn't worthwhile or safe to continue. my primary goal is to be around and as healthy as possible for as long as possible. i walk in the pool and exercise daily and try to listen to pain signals and not overdo, still it's challenging because it constantly changes. this year i've switched to a vegan diet and i think it's helped control weight gain and reduce swelling and joint pain i was having from years of walking with my joints out of alignment. my overworked muscles after 39 years post sci are like what post-polio folks have.
    i'm guessing you're a caregiver? i haven't been here long enough to know
    members' stories but am looking forward to learning. thanks for asking.

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    crashbang...good to meet you! your tip for getting dry was a good, thought you might be a caregiver!

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    Sometimes panty liners retain moisture and can make it worse. i guess it depends on the brand.
    also, i found that too much soap/not getting rinsed completely can cause a rash.

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    If she is able to wear underwear, have you considered using cloth menstrual pads to absorb some of the excess moisture? GladRags and HagRag are both breathable and also won't irritate your privates as much as disposable liners and pads. I use these all the time and they are especially good for the summer months. Here's there websites:

    Also, make sure you don't use any baby powder containing talc near the vaginal area. This powder has been linked to ovarian cancer and stuff like that.


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    i had a rash recently in the area between my upper thigh and privates. dr. tried various things, but darn, a nurse friend of mine said a little corn starch with a little water (just to get it to stick). it was gone in a day or two after several weeks of trying other stuff.

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    Monistat just put a new anti chaffing cream out that helps prevent chafing in the groin, under the breasts, etc. In order to help dry, I would see if there is a way to open the legs slowly by using range of motion (please ask a pt before you do this). It's important to dry throughly because extra moisture can cause breakdown.

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