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Thread: Drying in private areas

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    Drying in private areas

    how is it possible to keep dry after giving shower, or the basic wash in bed? My daughter (c5 c6, incomplete) has spasms that won't even let me in that area to make sure dry. Now she has a slight rash. What do you all use to prevent this from happening? I've tried baby powder (works on inner thighs), but in the area I'm talking about it doesn't seem to keep the moisture out and it's not due to her bladder leaking. Sitting on butt in w/c during summer keeps that area moist. Any suggestions would be appreciated. She's lucky that she can't feel anything much in that area, b/c I'm sure it would feel itchy and burning. Have any of you had a problem with what you spray on your w/c cushion? I'm using Febreze anti-bacterial spray b/c it keeps the cushion from having an odor of butt.
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    jhorn, you may prefer to post your question as Wise described belowe or start a new thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    WhatToLive, you are not yet in the Women Only Forum. You need to scroll down to Members Forum (on the front page of the forums) and enter the forum from there. Note that people who are not members will not be able to see the forum. However, you are a member and you should be able to see and get into that forum. Just in case, there is the link.


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    A ROHO cushion allows air to circulate through cells-and not trap moisture -and is often recommended for those with wounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhorn4012 View Post
    how is it possible to keep dry after giving shower, or the basic wash in bed? My daughter (c5 c6, incomplete) has spasms that won't even let me in that area to make sure dry .
    You may want to give a blow-dryer a try.

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    Spasticity that is so severe that it interferes with good hygiene should be considered for treatment. Is she getting daily ROM? Is she standing? Laying on her stomach part of the day? Taking medications for spasticity?? Hip adductor spasticity can sometimes be significantly helped with Botox injections.

    Laying in bed on your back with your legs frogged for at least 30 minutes twice daily is a great way to get air into the groin area. We recommend doing this after bathing as a way to air the area. If you also use a hair dryer, be sure you keep it on the cool setting.


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    Careful, some baby powders (corn starch) are good food for yeast. We use an antifungal powder if there's any signs of redness.. To help keep areas like that drier, we'll put a strip of cloth between the folds. A piece from one of my old undershirts works well.
    The Roho cushion is often quite moist under my wife - I don't find that it allows air to circulate, as the cells are pressed tightly together. But it is easy to keep it clean by rinsing the cushion in the tub and washing its cover.
    We've never used any kind of a spray on the cushion - is that common?
    - Richard

    p.s. - thanks for NOT putting your thread in the women's only forum, as I (clearly) have no access there. We're not all toilet humor punks, and some have legitimate concerns.

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    I use creamy Desitin, which is used to prevent diaper rash in babies.

    After showering, apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin in any area where perspiration occurs -- on the buttocks, in the thigh cracks, under the breasts, under any "dunlop" (the area where, in heavier people, the belly "dunlops" over the belt). It creates a moisture barrier that really helps to prevent the type of rash/redness/skin breakdown your daughter is experiencing.

    To heal the rash she already has, just apply the Desitin two-three times a day. Works like a charm. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, though, the rash is probably caused by a yeast infection and will need a prescription anti-fungal like Nystatin to clear it up.

    Powders of any type have always made the problems worse. They keep the area dry for a few minutes before clumping up and actually retaining moisture -- just what you're trying to combat.
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    Sit on tub bench with cut-out, and shower till clean. Dry: top, underneath and between with cotton towel/facecloth. Transfer to cotton towel (handtowel) on chair. Wait 5-10 minutes to allow extra moisture to drain onto towel. Don a pair of cotton drawers and cotton pants. Occasionally sit/lay bottomless (must be at home of course) all day on a cotton towel with either air circulating or with scentless facial tissue between legs [change tissues often] until rash clears.

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    i use long panty liners to keep things dry. only cotton undies, an a hospital fleece pony saddle pad folded for my chair couch and bed. the pony pads are durable, washable, allows airflow, and comes in lots of colors. they are made to last. and not expensive.

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    Thanks to all the great suggestions and tips. I'm going to stop using the baby powder. I don't think my daughter's going to go for the panty liner. I have some A and D ointment that was great for diaper rash when she was a baby.

    Sci Nurse: I'm going to ask her doctor on Monday about the spasms. I don't have a problem with them. Spasms are worse at night when she's in bed, but after the baclophen and other meds kick in she's out until she starts sweating on her neck/chest area. We're also going to ask about that if it doesn't have something to do with positioning her in the bed on her side. Doesn't like sleeping on back afraid lungs will fill up with mucus and can't cough out while lying on back. Thanks to everyone. This is such a great forum.
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