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Thread: The Freewheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by patd View Post
    Cool. Is that the Zinger? Hard to make out the power on demand component.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon View Post
    What gizmo?

    Here is a link to the thread

    For some reason it seems PatTheRat took down his Youtube video of his fantastic invention.

    His Gizmo is the best thing to happen to wheelchair users since stem cell research!

    Ha! I kill me! There you go Pat - A marketing by-line for you - "The GimpGo! The best thing to happen to cripples since stem cell research!"

    (Ahem... a modest discount is all I ask in return.)

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    Will this device keep me from getting stuck when wheeling at the beach?

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    Haven't tried mine in deep sand like at a beach, but I can roll through 4 - 6" of landscape rock in the flowerbeds.

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    We have one too! LOVE IT!!

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    nice shoes!

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    Picked up a FreeWheel at the Abilities Expo this weekend, plan to put it to the test when we take our first camping trip of the season next month.

    Pat, It was nice meeting you and your family. Looking forward to going places where no wheelchair has ever gone, now that I have a FreeWheel...
    Living the Dream, C6/C7 incomplete.

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    Hey Pat
    Had my freewheel for about 12 months. as yet haven't been able to give it a decent run. my feet don't like sitting back on my footplate and get in the way after a couple turns hitting the wheel each time.

    i love the product, but this is obviously frustrating.

    i have 1 question. My freewheel looks like it might be one of the earlier ones (silver).... are the more recent ones made exactly the same?? i've seen some pictures of newer ones that look like the wheel sits out a bit further from the footrest.
    can you let me know if this is correct?

    otherwise i'll go back to trying to play with my footrest setup

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    Sportaid is running a special on Freewheel!

    Freewheel All-Terrain Front End allows the user to maneuver quicker and much easier over obstacles. Save $50 with coupon code SA0202.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    I haven't used my freewheel yet, I wonder why I even bought one, I live in the desert but I still haven't found a reason to use it. Pat has been great in helping me tweak it to my liking, I just need to find a place to use it. I'm hoping to bring it out when it gets warmer and I do alot more pushing then.

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