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Thread: hey all

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    hey all

    hey all im a c5/6 quad i have been paralized 3 year and im 18 years old...i kno this is not a good time to post this because of the emie14 thing but i wonteed to indroduce myself i have been a member on this site for a while and i love hears my story i wrecked a dirt bike i was jumpn and nose dived a broke my neck so after surgury i got pneumona and was on life support for a month and then finally got off of the vent andi have been back to rehab 2 times since but now im doin good i do alot of fish and huntn..but thanks everbody
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    howdy, noticed you were hurt 3/5/06, mine was 3/5/78
    must be something about march 5th huh?
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    yea really man thats wierd lol

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    Hi Deel. Welcome to CC!

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    thanks eileen

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    Dude....I think we met up at the W......I was the old fart that can kinda walk some. I was there for some brace work...keep kickn the SCI in the ass....great to hear you're doing good

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    yea i think i rem u man i have bad memory lol i been good how bout u

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    welcome to carecure, deel!
    hope you stick around
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    thanks lola

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    D-90....Im doing really good. Working fulltime agin, and still trying to figger out how to walk right, its all good. My kids are tons of fun, so I got life going good once more......

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