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Thread: Which one of you sickos...

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    Thats it!!!!!!

    I'm changing my vacation plans....first Mexico and now York. I'm running out of places to go people!!!
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    Urine hot water!....York has Red Light and Urine-Cams!

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    I have been thur York, Ne. I think they are still working on indoor plumbing It's a very small town.

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    Where are all the cops at man????? They can't get DNA from that????? Undercover stake out at the parking lot tonight. No, they can't pee that way, when you gotta go you gotta go!!! Ahh, put up a public restroom.
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    Wink Actually, using disposable, and reuseable containers for

    convenience in the sportsmen, and road traveling situations for a long time.
    As shown here in the West Marine catalogue:

    Also, not to be out done by the "other" York, very commonly used by the hacks in NYC, though the preference is used Snapple bottles.

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