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Thread: Esophageal spasms or Esophageal sensitivity??

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    Esophageal spasms or Esophageal sensitivity??


    I have chest pain all the time. It gets worse with food but really there is no time that I don't have it.

    Cardiologist ruled out heart related problems.

    I had upper endoscopy and barium swallow test. Both of them were normal.

    My PCP wants me to go for acid/saline perfusion (bernstein) test.

    Is it possible to have an esophagus that is hyper sensitive to food (especially to salt and other acidic food) but don't have spasms? I am saying no spasms because my barium test was negative.

    Put in different words, can a person have negative barium swallow test but positive acid perfusion test?

    I don't think I have acid reflux because those meds never eased the pain.

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    What is your level of spinal cord injury? It helps if you complete your profile.

    You would need to discuss this with your GI physician. I am not an expert on complex upper GI problems, since this is a forum for those with spinal cord injury.


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