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Thread: overheating

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    i'm a c6 quad and i don't sweat. what are some ways to keep from overheating? are there any products made for quads who cant sweat?
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    -injured January, 14th 2006 in roll-over

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    Here are some tips:
    • Stay indoors in an air conditioned environment when possible. This includes home, workplace, and vehicles.
    • When or after exercising, use a spray bottle with water to wet down the skin and then sit in front of a fan.
    • Soak a t-shirt in water and put it on. Wear it while exercising or while out in the sun.
    • Wear a hat whenever in the sun.
    • Keep damp towels in an ice chest with ice to drape over you when exercising or outdoors (like at a barbecue or picnic).
    • Drink iced fluids.
    • Consider purchasing a cooling vest to wear.
    • Wear a gel cooling bandana around your neck.
    For keeping the skin moist and using a fan, you may want to look into using something like a Misty Mate or combination misting and fan hand-held device like these:,26/vmcchk,1/


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    Look they’re great tips from SCI Nurse but if I know i'm going to face extreme heat I will take some time to sit under my split system air/con to get as cold as possible before going out. Once you have that embedded coolness it takes some time to overheat in hot conditions.

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    What I use if I "start" to overheat

    1. spray bottle
    2. portable ice packs
    3. cold wash rag
    4. luke warm water overhead if possible
    5. ice
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    take a towel,throw some ice blocks in it and wrap around your neck like a scaff,works well for me

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    i try to keep my head wet rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Be especially careful with hot vehicles. When I first moved to South Carolina, I almost was done in getting into my van without cooling it down first. I now keep a thermometer visible through a window in it. When sitting in a paved parking lot in our 95-105 temps, the inside temperature of the white van often reaches 135 degrees. As I found out, it only takes a couple minutes at that temp to drive your body temp up to 105.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    i found this! should work perfect.

    thanks everyone who chimed in.
    -C6 incomplete
    -injured January, 14th 2006 in roll-over

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    i never saw so many different misty mates, does anyone have any experience with the newer models?
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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy View Post
    i never saw so many different misty mates, does anyone have any experience with the newer models?
    I got one of these for my mother and it is so nice that it is very compact. It fits easily in her wheelchair backpack or purse. She is able to operate it herself with her stronger hand.,26/

    She also has one of these, but prefers the new one:,26/

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