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Thread: Hair removal

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    Hair removal

    This will be much more prosaic than the usual threads on the subject -- hence no need to go in R&S -- because all I care about is my armpits and legs.

    People who have done laser removal -- how long does it last? My doctor told me it is not permanent, but does it last a few months at least, or prove permanent for anyone? Does it work at the level of the individual hair or across a whole area? Is it like electrolysis, only going into the follicle with laser rather than needle? Does it hurt?

    I read in another thread about sugaring, which is like waxing I suppose. But things that rip out the hair without killing the root make electrolysis, and presumably laser, less effective in the future, because they distort the hair follicle, make it harder to reach the root to kill it.

    I'd be content to get clear for a whole season at a time. Any suggestions?

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    I have used an Remington epilator for years ... works awesome. And oh yes, I've used it on my armpits - yowie! But clear skin and the hair thins out after using it for so long. I can go weeks without using anything.

    My sister had laser to her armpits and she said 'that some' grows back. It's difficult to get it all.

    I've never waxed or sugared. I find my hair does grow a week before that time of the month, for some reason.
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    Well let's be honest...a lack of sensation makes a trip to brasil a really nice option These days, I go bare...and I wouldn't date a or woman, who doesn't

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    There's nothing more appealing to an oral your partners a favor
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    Because hairs all grow at different rates lasering takes a few spread out sessions and can last up to 5 years then need touch ups. The new lasers that can be tested on your palm are very painless except a bit of sting on the upper lip. They also do a 2 or 3 inch by 1 inch area at a time. Find a good laserist not just any dermatologist. And more and more men go for back hair, too thin things down below and many black men, with the newer lasers, get their beards done so no bumps.
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    i had lazer done front to back (Brasil) took over ten treatments of owwwy owwy.. feels like an elastic band snapping yer goodys..........but im SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTHHH

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    Quote Originally Posted by porchdog View Post
    best demo I have run across:

    That's hysterical............

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    I also use an epilator, I use it everywhere and it leaves me very smooth.

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    anyone tried the nono?
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