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Thread: Hair removal

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    I use an epilator too... have to say it's one of the few advantages of not feeling your legs that hair removal doesnt hurt lol. I do my underarms too and it hurts less everytime.
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    What's the best epilator?

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    I had eight laser hair treatments on my legs eight or nine years ago, prior to my SCI. After my SCI, I was hospitalized for 28 days. One of the nurses asked me who was shaving my legs as I had no dark hair, only a little blonde (which laser doesn't usually remove). I explained that I had had laser hair removal and she was impressed with the results.

    I would say that my dark leg hair is 95% gone, even after 8 or 9 years.

    After my SCI, I had my armpits done, about four times so far. Each time I asked the technician if she would also zap a few random leg hairs and she did. I still get a little regrowth in my armpits and am planning on going back for more treatments.

    Since I cannot shave myself without cutting myself, the laser hair removal has been a huge convenience.

    Groupon has recently had some great deals in my area for laser hair removal and teeth whitening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HACKNSACK44 View Post
    What's the best epilator?
    I use a revlon epilator and cost about $25. As a quad I find it super easy to hold.

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    i sure hope everyone does their pubes too. man summer being in a chair w/ man bush or coot fur is just gross. i like pubes on ab women but think it would be total swamp crotch on a gimp chick. i just shave totally once a week. my wife gets my taint because i cat see. rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by porchdog View Post
    best demo I have run across:
    You REALLY made my day after get angry early morning... Still lmaoooo
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