I am a 34 years old paraplegic T7-8 complete since 4 years ago ! I am covered only by Medicaid/Publicaid of Illinois ! Now i need to get Medicare because they will cover a new medication pump called Prialt for chronic pain ! I have realy bad neuropathic pain since the accident and i have try everything from lyrica ,gabapentin,cymbalta opana, percoset etc. and nothing seems to work so thios expensive mediaction Prialt will be my last resort but only medicare will cover it ! I was trying to talk to lawyers to apply for it but they said i will get it only after i am getting SSI /SSD .SS departament did not aprove me yet for this because i am not US citizen yet ,i am permanent resident only (i will get citzenship in 2 years) and also i do not have enough points for SSD. My doctor said i might get Medicare being permanently handicaped and with major depression issues but i could not find a layer will know about this yet !
Anyone gone thru this application to get medicare ,please help advice!
My pain is taking me down day by day and i feel i can not make iit no more !