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Thread: How to get medicare ! Please help !

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    Morphine has been around for so long there is generic so may be very cheap to get. My pain center Dr. said that considering its ability to reduce pain it is worth it to try it (morphine). I'm no expert. Have you talked to your Dr. about it in depth? I would make sure there is nothing in the oral that will work before doing a pump. I've done most of what you've taken and finally hit on what works for me for now. Maybe talk to your doctor about different combos (which you probably have run the gamit on) I don't know. Good Luck! Susan
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    thanks metronycguy ,u had a good point about morphine being on the market for a long time ! Will make think again about any newer one!
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    snuz ! What is working for u now? thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by alextaz View Post
    But anyway i will not get medicare unless i got ssi/ssd for 2 years ,lawyers said!
    You are right on this, even if you were approved for SSDI today, your medicare would not kick in for 2 years.

    SO this isn;t the solution to your pain issues right now.
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