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Thread: Paralyzed arm & baby

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    Question Paralyzed arm & baby

    I am currently 16 weeks pregnant, and was having a conversation with daddy last night. He was in the Navy and now has a paralyzed arm. We were talking and I know he's scared and he finally kind of admitted it and said "i'm not sure how I'm even going to hold the infant". So with that concern in mind I told him I know you aren't the only one out there in this world that has this same situation, I'm sure I can dig something up to help out. (he's not into finding things on his own, but seemed to be excited that I was willing to try and help).

    I wasn't sure if anyone knew of any good books, websites with good information, had personal input that could help us out. I want him to feel independent in this area. I know he's going to be a great daddy and will be amazing for our lil TicTac .

    Thanks for any and all help

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    I am a little confused. Are you asking about how to get your veteran husband help for his paralysis? What is the cause of his paralysis? Does he have a spinal cord injury? It would be very unusual for a SCI to cause paralysis of only one arm. Does he get his care at a VA hospital or clinic?

    If you are instead asking how a person with arm paralysis can hold an infant, then perhaps this would be better posted in the Family forum, but there are a variety of baby slings that he could wear that would facilitate this. My clients who are fathers of infants and have higher spinal cord injuries (C4-C6) find these very helpful both for holding and carrying their babies.


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    He is paralyzed in his right arm from a motorcycle wreck. He's been to numerous doctors who don't have any clue as to why the nerves aren't working. They can't find any damage to any nerves in his right arm. I will look into the Family Forum, I wasn't sure where to post . He does go to the VA.

    I was thinking earlier about some kind of sling that has to be out for these kind of things . Thanks for jumping the gun for me and getting my brain going.

    Thank you!

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    Has he seen a good neurologist? I assume he has had an EMG to determine if he has a brachial plexus injury (these are very common in motorcycle accidents).

    Here are samples of some of the slings I was thinking about:


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    Hi TicTacsMoma,

    Appears as though he may have a brachial plexus injury. Here's a brachial plexus injury forum. Some people with this injury have severe pain. Hopefully your husband isn't one of them.

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    is his other arm strong? if so no problem. congratulations by the way, how wonderful. I dont thing he should worry. we find a way once they are here.

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