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Thread: c-1 confused and frustrated

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    Nicky, I must have misunderstood you above. I thought he was already at Frazier. What is the hold up in getting him moved? Forget what I said about filing a complaint with CARF. It appears that you have issues with the hospital where he is now, and once he leaves, I would strongly recommend that you write a letter of complaint to the hospital director about how he was treated while there, and their lack of responsiveness to his needs.

    Frazier does have a decent reputation, and is CARF accredited as a Spinal Cord System of Care, which is a strong indication of the quality of its programs.


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    I'm confused too.

    Is he in the hospital or at home? It's hard to tell from your postings.
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    sorry for confusion

    My nephew was first taken to local trauma center where he spent about six weeks. we were told there we were waiting on a bed at shepherds. when it did not work out they said they had to transfer him to a bed at kindred in louisville while awaiting rehab center. From my understanding this is a acute hospital and they were to finish his medical care. i was then frustrated and confused i then started looking into other rehab besides georgia due to his insurance. Thats when I Myself found frazier rehab center and recommended it. luckly it was just across the street. he is still at kindred awaiting his rehab bed at frazier. Medically besides a pressure ulcer he is stable. We have felt that case/social workers are trying to put us off. it might just be our raw nerves but that is what it seems. If they tell you they do not have a bed what else can you do. i personally think and it is just me saying, that they feel he is a case that is "here is a boy that has a injury that is castastophic and this is his insurance so what is the use" We believe that everyone deserves a chance and he has proved the medical community wrong thus far. Why does our goverment not support these injuries more, i work in a hospital and see much less sickness get better care out of insurance. very frustrating. The plan as of now is to get a bed a frazier and three weeks of rehab then bring him home. after that who knows what is to come.

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    Kindred is not a rehab center or an acute care hospital. They are an LTAC (long term acute care) facility, which is sort of a nursing home that takes sicker patients than most nursing homes.

    Call Frazier every single day and ask when they are going to take him and and why the delay. You probably will have to be a thorn in their side in order to get your nephew what he needs.


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    Smile moving forward

    Brandon was moved tuesday to frazier rehab. So far it is great. All the doctors came and spoke with us. They evaluated him and say he is now a c4, that the vert was fx at c1 no spinal involment. He can move and feel his left arm to his hand but no fingers. right side he can feel to his elbow with no movement. can feel to niple line. Yesterday they got him up dressed him (for the first time since mva) Thearpy was done in gym, then in bed. sit in wheel chair all afternoon. showered. got new neck and back brace. Say we will work on bladder/bowel training , and removal of trach. This is great . more than we have seen in one day we have had in two months. Thank you all for information and posts it is nice to have other people that relate and can help. love this site. knowlege is endless. and power. they are now saying his insurance will pay for six weeks of rehab. does anyone think there is still chance for improvement with hand/finger dexterity.?IF so has there been others to drive automobiles with this injury with spec, equipment?

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    There is always hope for improvement, but what I always recommend is to plan on his impairment to remain as it is today. That way you are making appropriate discharge plans, and won't be stuck with things that don't pan out at the end of a very short 6 week rehab. If he gets more back, that is gravy and his program can be changed. Much easier to cancel equipment for example than to try to obtain at the last minute.

    It is rarely possible to drive at C4. A strong C5 can drive, but from their wheelchair in a van, with fairly expensive adaptations. If he will be working or going to school, DOR (DVR) may help pay for modifications, depending on your state. Ask the case manager or social worker about vocational rehabilitation soon.


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