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Thread: Electro Stim recovery

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    Electro Stim recovery

    just wondering if anyone uses a NMES Unit for stimulating partial/weak contracting muscles?

    i plan to be using it on triceps, abs, and lower back.

    just wondering if anyone has had results by gaining function? and/or reduced quad gut? i already use FES Ergys 2 bike and an uppertone have seen great results gaining muscle tone. now just need to work on everything in between.

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    Yes. I'm incomplete with weakness mostly on my left side. I've been using NMES on my quads, extensor digitorum longus (muscle in lower leg that raises foot - dorsiflexor), abs, deltoids, triceps and hand extension muscles. I really notice the impact most on the muscles where I have the best function (quads and abs). As the muscles have developed with stim - my physio has me concentrating on moving them with my mind as well as the stim - I have been able to translate this into movement and strength when the stim is not there.
    Hand/forearm and foot have the least impact because they are the most significantly paralyzed/weakened, but I do have some movement and am able to raise my foot slightly on my own - when I have my afo on, which inhibits tone in my gastroc (pushing down on my foot) from overpowering the dorsiflexion.
    I'm consulting a doc in a couple of weeks about using botox in my gastroc while I develop my dorsiflexor. I've read a couple of articles where this has worked.

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