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Thread: Swim With Mike Scholarship

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    Thumbs up Swim With Mike Scholarship

    My son who just finished his 1st year @ University of Illinois @ Urbana ,just received a phone call from the Swim With Mike Scholarship people. He will receive a scholarship for the rest of his undergraduate studies. This is a large amount to cover the out of state tuition charges. This will allow him to to back there in August. I just want to thank this forum for providing him with the info on this scholarship, he would never of heard about this scholarship otherwise.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Awesome news!!! Congratulations!

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    Great news! I too am a Swim with Mike recipient and have been extremely pleased with the program. They are extremely generous and helpful.
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    I'll be receiving a SWM scholarship this fall too. Ironically, I volunteered as an undergrad student for the Swim with Mike program and then 10+ years later I'm receiving a scholarship! Tell your son congrats! Hope you'll both come out for the event next year
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    My younger brother participated in the last SWM. I have friends who donate every year.

    Congrats to you both and good luck!
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    Congrats on your son's scholarship!!! What is he studying, if you don't mind my asking?

    I grew up 8 miles west of the UofI. My Mom retired from there in 1998 and my Brother still works there. It is a top notch university!!!

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