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    Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone has tips for finding shoes that won't cause AD or any damage and yet aren't hideous. My feet swell pretty badly, especially by the end of the day (despite wearing pressure stockings), and I've always had a nearly impossible time finding workable, feminine footwear. I've ended up wearing flip-flops with the adjustable velcro strap for the last, oh, decade. It's getting a tad depressing. You can't wear flip-flops somewhere nice.

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    My wife found some slippers that looked nice a couple of years ago, from Danskin, I think. Most slippers would be inappropriate, though.

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    I tend to wear sneakers (Converse & Vans work well), and I have a pair of Acorn slippers that look like a short version of Uggs boots, the tops are hidden by my pants. For "dressy" shoes, I wear little mary jane style "slippers" from an asian import store, people really seem to like these.

    I also really enjoy most Keen shoes, the bigger toe bumper helps keep my toe safe. Some styles aren't that easy to put on, it always helps if you can try on first. If I can't find a good deal in a local store, I'll just try on there, and then buy online.

    I tend to want to hide most of my feett, w/out pressure stockings they turn a bit purple & puffy, and I hate for others to see. These work well. I've never work flip flop or sandals that really bare my feet!

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    i am a big crocs fan, they come in all different types from winter to summer.
    when i was having a pot of foot/afo problems they were th only shoe i could get on. they come oin every color in th universe, but either you like them or you don't. the knocks off are real cheap 2 pairs for under $15
    i also like keen, they have sandals that are closed toe and if you cut the elastic in the forefoot , your feet can change without much pressure
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    Have your feet sized once they're all swollen up or after you've been up for awhile. That'll give you a good idea of how big they're going to get and then go buy that size. That's what I've done
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    I hate my feet as well one is always bigger than the other and turn purpleish blueish and I hate people seeing them like that. I live in sneakers and would love to wear sandals or flipflops but cannot. I would give anything to be able to wear strappy high heel sandals and look all dressed up

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    Thank you guys so much! I'm going to try ordering a bunch.

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    I forgot to mention, I almost always take the insole out of a shoe, that seems to help as well (especially w/lower profile keen shoes).

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    I've started wearing Naots and love, love, love them. They're the higher end shoe made by the same group which makes Tevas.

    There are numerous styles, but I go with the flats. My fave, the Sea, is a take-off on the MaryJane.

    It's large enough in the toe area that you won't get squished during the day or night and the strap across the foot is at an angle and adjustable. If you look down and notice your feet are puffy, just adjust that strap.

    These come in colors from peacock to palest pink to terracotta to black. They're made of really good leather, have an insert you may remove (left mine in as it seems good as is). Naots also claim many of their shoes are orthotic friendly, but I did not know that until after I bought them and received a catalog from the salesman. The shoes are that seriously cute.

    Naots will set you back a bit (my Sea shoes were $179), but our footwear lasts so these are probably good for lifetime.

    P.S. I decided to go with a wide width to allow for swelling. It has worked well so far by using that strap to adjust for early in the day to later in the evening.
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    Mary Janes are what I wear and also Dr Marten style boots (if I can be bothered to lace them up). I used to get swelling and Mary Janes seem to allow for a small amount. However, if you suffer from severe swelling there are companies which make shoes especially for wide feet and people who suffer from extreme swolleness. They come in lots of designs, just do a search for wide shoes or something similar

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