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Thread: calf pressure sore

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    calf pressure sore

    calf Pressure sore

    When I lie in bed at night I get a sore on my calf. I was wondering if anyone knew about any position in foam so that my legs would be elevated and upward pressure on the heels but would also distribute the pressure along my legs so that I would not have pressure from the pillow on my calf? Any suggestions for any kinds of items like this for positioning at night would be really welcome

    Thank you

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    Not sure where your sore is located, but I use a half-round memory foam pillow under my calf/ankles to keep my heels elevated. This probably also eases tension on the calves, except where the pillow is, but I have had no sore problems this way.
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    There are some multi podus boots that come about half way up your calf made of foam which would help to protect both your heels and calves. They do look a bit clunky however do work. I would contact a DME vendor in your area and see if you can find them. Unfortunately we don't use them anymore where I work, or I would find out the manufacturer,etc for you. I will ask to see if anyone has the info and if they do, will get back to you.


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    thank you

    craig recommeded 'quad pads'
    i'll share what i find

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