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Thread: hypoxic-anoxic brain injury after SCA

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    hypoxic-anoxic brain injury after SCA

    My husband had a SCA while playing tennis almost 5yrs ago and now has an hypoxic-anoxic brain injury. He also is experiencing an enlarged prostate and unable to urinate. He has been on medications, microwave treatment, laser surgery and is still unable to urinate. He has had a catheter since Feb.

    He is now a patient at the VA Med. Ctr. in Atlanta and I am really pleased with the facility. However, it seems they continue to add medications for the bladder etc. that really affect his brain! He is very lethargic etc.

    I guess my question is why can't they understand he is not of the "norm" and cannot adjust to all the side effects like someone else. I really think the brain is the most difficult and necessary organ to understand.

    I wonder if anyone has any comments?

    Signed, A very frustrated care giver who adores and loves her hubby!!

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    SCA = spinocerebellar ataxia?? spinal cord astrocytoma?? spinal cord aneurysm?? sudden cardiac arrest??

    Who is his primary care physician at the VA? I assume it is not a urologist. Have you spoken to that physician about your concerns? Does he have a neurologist or physiatrist who you can speak to?

    What meds are they adding or using for his bladder? Other than anticholenergic meds like Ditropan, there would be no point in having him on meds like Flomax at this point if the goal is to continue with the indwelling catheter. Of the anticholenergic meds used for bladder management, Sanctura appears to have the least cognitive side effects.

    Are you his designated POA for healthcare? Are you his guardian or conservator?

    Was he voiding OK before his SCA? Has he had urodynamics? What did they show?

    Since this is not a new injury issue, I am moving this to the Care forum.


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