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Thread: Spine Question

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    Spine Question

    This is knew to me, chiropractor getting 250 a pop for lining this back straight

    sounds like a scam


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    I had good luck with a chiropractor befor my injury. your insurance wont pay for part? I would'nt say its a scam, but you might shop around for better rates, and do more research. I went to a choropractor after injury and he sent me and my exrays to a neurologyst. who diagnosed cauda equina and healed fractures on my xrays. also my friend who got ms at 18 went to a chiropractor and he was also not treated and sent to a neurologyst. It was the same guy, but well he made the right call each time. and did not take a dime. Id have to say that some chiropractors are very much medical professionals and not scammers. though 250 a visit sounds like before insurance.
    as long as it is a liscensed chiropractor from a reputable school. most people dont want to be sued for malpractice, and a bad reputation is easy trace.
    I do wonder what the sci nurse thinks. or dr young though.

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    i went to chiropractor few times, he took xrays told me that my neck is not straight but then again he told that to every person there. He wanted money upfront and commit me to weekly sessions for like 6 months and 5k upfront. The whole thing seemed like a scam. He tried to sell it to me like it will fix all my problems. Be careful
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    This is knew to me, chiropractor getting 250 a pop for lining this back straight

    sounds like a scam


    Chiropractice is an old profession in the United States and chiropractors are licensed by the government. If you believe in their theory that much of the body's ills come from malalignment of the spine and realignment by manipulation is beneficial, you should go to a chiropractor, but with the following caveats. First, please don't believe any of them if they tell you that they can cure your spinal cord injury. They should not tell you this and anybody that does tell you that chiropractice can cure spinal cord injury is a scammer. Second, the spine manipulations may be useful for pain. However, I don't think that it will restore function, if you have lost neurological function, either motor or sensory. Third, a chiropractor should be responsible and not tell patients that spine manipulation can cure medical problems like cancer, infectious disease, metabolic and genetic disorders.

    From my little experience with chiropractors and the Palmer School of Chiropractice in Iowa when I was attending graduate school in Iowa City, I believe that chiropractors are taught to have good bedside manners and to communicate with their patients. They are familiar with massage tehniques and manipulations of the spine. They do take courses on human anatomy. They also may have techniques that may relax or realign the spine. So, I would not discount what they do completely. On the other hand, they should not claim to do what they cannot and endanger patients. A good chiropractor knows the limits of the treatment.


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    I visited a chiropractor for my scoliosis a couple of years ago. His assistant put me on some type of contraption to supposedly stretch my back muscles. That one session left both of my arms tingly and numb for about 6 months. I didn't return after that. Very scary.

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    I have fusion at c3/c5 and laminectomy at c3/c7. I was with my fience at a chiropractor's office and he said he'd check the allignment of my orbital with c1 which of cource he said was dangerously close and out of allign. He said he was trained to specifically manipulate just c2, and 0ver time I would notice significant improvement. What I did notice, after 3 months of 3 days per week treatments was a lot of crackling sounds whenever I'd turn my head...the little bit I could. I immediately stopped, confessed to my neurologist what stupid thing I had done, goy an x-ray and mri, and fortunately, structurely, every thing is sound. But even when I told him I was stopping, he warned me I was condemning myself to a bleak future once the brain stem comes in contact with my c-spine. He too was all about the money, wanting you to sign a 3 to 6 month contract.

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