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Thread: BLAX rims inside natural fit rims? also, sparkle foam info

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    BLAX rims inside natural fit rims? also, sparkle foam info

    I was talking to the owner of about what will work best for me, and he said he has a customer who told him that he took the thumb ring out of the natural fit rims and replaced it with the BLAX knurled rims.

    my thing is, i tried the tape thing sci_otr did and it wasn't enough friction for me. since my injury, i don't have enough of the natural oils on my hands to help with friction and that's a huge issue for me.

    i'll be honest, i don't like the natural fit rims because to me, they feel cumbersome...quite the opposite of natural. maybe my hands are too small or i'm used to the other rims.

    i function as a c8-t3 and he feels that i don't need the knurled ones, but i explained my situation with my right hand where i was causing tendon issues on my thumb because i had to hook the tab in order to push evenly with the simple vinyl coated rims.

    so anyway, i wanted to know what you think about the reconfiguration of the natural fit rims and how useful it would be in general...and maybe help me decide if i should get the knurled ones. regardless i have the natural fit rims that are pretty annoying IMO.

    o and thanks to the owner for such quick replies and actually telling me to ask if they have the sparkle foam. i didn't do that yet.
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    Here is a source for rim recoating you can try calling. They have sparkle foam. I think my DME used them to get my rims coated.

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    Matt at Pushblacks or BLAX is a pretty cool dude and an honest biz guy. He gives you the real story.

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