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Thread: Anyone stay in Lake Tahoe

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    Anyone stay in Lake Tahoe

    Just want some info on accessible lodging & cabins. I may be going in January.

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    I have been there 2 times, in December and July. December was hard for me because of all the snow and I don't tolerate the cold very well being from Texas. July was perfect weather, high of about 80 and 50 at night. It is beatiful there. I stayed at Embassy Suites(the one on Stateline on the California side) both times. It is very accessible with roll-in showers,and the cooked to order breakfast is included,it's very good and convenient. I rented a wheelchair accessible van because I use a powerchair, it's expensive but the only way to be able to go wherever you want while there unless you plan on staying right in town. The town is very accessible because a large part was built in recent years.

    They do have an accessble ski program if you are interested in skiing.

    If you have anymore questions let me know.

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