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Thread: who here likes mari jane.....

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    ^or stressing your liver...with alcohol and pills

    Quote Originally Posted by FreeBird View Post
    Stop herbicide in the 70's

    Life is better with a functioning brain. Getting stoned is short term. Cancer patients a different stories. Different strokes for different folks is a real trusim.

    good lord....I dont even know how to respond to this...and I assume you take no pain meds or drink ANY alcohol...right?

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    Medical card holder right here in Oregon.
    I was never a big smoker before. Very hyper, very active. I had people suggest it after my accident, but with the federal BS, I did not feel it was worth the risk to even try it. Ooops.

    I would have tipped a cup to Jimmy Jones while parked on a beach with waves crashing at my feet long ago if it were not for it. Spasticity when trying to sleep is nearly non-existent with it. I sleep more soundly. I was diagnosed with PTSD-like nightmares when I was a child, and they plagued me most of my life.. except when I smoke a little. And I only take 2-4 puffs each night. My lungs are fine after several years, and my oxygen intake is better than most AB's. Supposedly it is also being studied for applications in Alzheimer's prevention and other related things. It is beyond belief that it is illegal IMO. Half the drivers on the road are more dangerous... heck, a child with a big wheel and an attitude is more dangerous.

    Only downside? Well, I like to set my TV to shut off after 30 mins, and put an episode of MASH on some times. Every so often, I end up LMAO through the 30 mins..
    (oh- and yes, I realize that some would end up with negative side effects... anytime one puts something in their body, there is a chance it will end badly... be it a spear, bullet, radioactive material, a swine flu shot, peanuts, chicken bone, or a bit of maui-waui)
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    i love mary jane...and she loves me !

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    LOVE IT! Wouldn't make it thru the day without helps my pain, my attitude, my outlook on life and just genuinely makes me happy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armesia View Post
    LOVE IT! Wouldn't make it thru the day without helps my pain, my attitude, my outlook on life and just genuinely makes me happy...
    And hungry. I got da munchies!!

    MJ is a good thing for many people with SCI. Many states are getting to the point of almost decriminalizing it. Lots of municipalities throughout the country have already told their police to not enforce possession of under an ounce laws - they're not a priority. American opinion is swinging towards legalization.

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    Yep, they sell them (Mary Jane candy) at The Dollar Tree and at Cracker Barrel in the gift shop. By the way, I've never partaken in my life. There are so many people around me that do and I am unimpressed with that it turned me off to even trying it. But to each their own. No judgements.

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    I smoked half oz of kush a week for 15+ years pre-SCI, along with skateboarding, snowboarding and dirtbiking. Got weened off it in ICU and tried again a few times in rehab. Whenever I did smoke all I could think about was walking away from this chair... couldn't even think about the stuff, reminded me too much of the old days. I'd smoke then cry myself to sleep. I never thought I'd quit, nor did I want to. Now 7 months post-SCI I can't imagine being a pothead ever again.

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    i do i do lol.... my doctor is trying to get me to stop smoking it and start eating it cause he worry's about me getting the cancer. i may even be getting medical mj soon instead of uping my spas meds

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    miss it, want it, need it, dream about it, ...

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