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Thread: who here likes mari jane.....

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    I'm 42 and never tried marijuana. But if it will be permissible in MN I will try it.

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    In the bay area and we love it here. Great bud in my area

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    Red face what?

    I guess both. Been doing it since about '74 with a break when I was to be subjected to random tests. Helps with "handling" my new lifestyle, (in a wheelchair). PM if you want to get rid of any.

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    I smoked a bit on weekends when I was in high school, bad idea. Still passed just not as well as I'd have liked. Although now, 8 years post injury (c5/6 inc) I smoke it daily. I'm a member of the compassion club and don't need to resort to sketchy street dealers for my medicine.

    The cannabis helps me with sleep (wouldn't get more than 2 hours/night otherwise) by keeping spasms in check. Keeps me regular, I take ZERO meds for bowel movements. Keeps my appetite up, otherwise I'd eat maybe one meal a day. Last but DEFINITELY not least, it makes me happy =) It helps me look at life from a different perspective and I rarely get depressed.

    As far as smoking and learning is concerned, if it's a subject you are passionate about you'll have NO problem rocking it. I'm in second year botany in the top 10% of my class and LOVE IT.

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