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Thread: tight muscle tone

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    tight muscle tone

    ive got crazy tight legs any recemendation on what to take i stretch and use a standing chair but still tight thanks for any advice
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    I have an Ex' n Flex passive exercise bike I try and ride every night. helps with tighness in legs. I have had it for over 6 years and works very well. I usally ride it and watch tv for an hour.

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    I had to go with a baclofen pump. Mine were sometimes so type I had trouble dressing, cathing (well positioning legs in order to cath) and transferring.

    The fes bike worked great ..... except the effect wore off in about an hour. About the time it took me to get off the bike, and drive home. Same with th pool.
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    massage, massage, massage. It has done wonders for my leg tightness. They stretch my joints and massage the muscles and it is amazing.

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    There are a variety of methods that can help decrease tightness. Medications, exercise bikes, standing, walking are some of the options. Have you tried any medications? How often are you standing? Are you doing range of motion? DO any positions make it worse or better?

    Sorry for all of the questions - it's just easier to answer when you have a little more information.


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    thanks for the replys all ok and nurse i stand at least a hour ba day and ride a rti bike a hour a day do some streching in the mornings
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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