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Thread: Consortium input

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    Consortium input

    The Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine, a group of 23 SCI-related professional and consumer organizations, is funded by the PVA to develop and distribute SCI clinical practice guidelines for both health care professionals and consumers.

    The PVA is currently seeking input from users of these publications on the impact that they have had on them personally.

    If you have downloaded these documents and used them yourself, shared them with your family or providers, shared them with other people with SCI, or otherwise would like to comment, please send a Private Message or e-mail to SCI-Nurse and we will pass your comments on to the Consortium staff. They will accept anonymous comments, or you can include your real name. Please include your location (ie, state or provence and country) in all comments.

    Comments may be posted on the PVA website where you download the guidelines (see above).



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    KLD, can the comments be sent to you directly or the global SCI nurse email address?
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    Either as a PM or through the SCI-Nurse hotmail address is fine.


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