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Thread: Skinned toe ... bandaid and?

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    Skinned toe ... bandaid and?

    I'm kind of bad about wearing shoes (I know ... I know) and I somehow took all the skin off the top of my middle toe. Bathed it - looks pink just kind of oozy - put on bandaid and neosporin. Anything else to do or not?

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    when i saw the title of your thread, i thought " hmm, bandaid and neosporin!" but you have already done that, lol

    hope you heal soon!
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    i leave the bandaid off at night when sleeping, to let it air out
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    I did that succesive times in a three month period! Took the hide right off. three times in three months. Just neosporin at first then let air dry, gawd what a spas, dragging toe syndrom? BE CAREFUL, don't do it again.

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    Do it all the time. I DON'T wear shoes, ever.
    I use a salve I have and cover with gauze/tape(I usually get 2 or 3 toes at a time. Change it when done bathing. Usually in a couple of days or so it is scabbed over and well on the way to healing.

    After about a week, I quit covering it but continue to use the salve on it til healed, about two weeks.

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    mmmmm, I just did that. I dont use a chair, but foot drop and cement dont mix even for two steps to intercept escaped kitty. the neuro pain makes it feel like an amputation. im using a bandaid and neosporin. happy healing.

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    I am prone to infections and a slow healer (especially on my limbs with sensory damage), so I almost never leave any cut or scrape open to the air or allow a scab to form.

    Leaving wounds uncovered exposes them to too much bacteria, and allowing a scab to form just locks any bacteria in by preventing the wound from freely draining (even if there's nothing more coming out than a small amount of that clear ooze).

    Trial and error taught me that I need to use a bandaid or sterile gauze and tape with neosporin (which both kills germs and helps draw stuff out) until some new skin forms.

    PS -- Add me to the barefoot brigade. Only reason I ever put on my sandals is to transfer in and out of the car. (I do a standing pivot transfer and have some sensation in the bottoms of my feet, and the pavement is too rough and usually too hot/cold for my tender little tootsies to handle.)
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    Glad I'm not the only one - I don't feel so stupid now Thanks everybody!

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    Wanna hear stupid? I went out to give my sister a lift home and since I have to take off my legrests to fit in the elevator I decided to leave them off for the short drive. Discovered my skinned toe a few hours later when I went to bed

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    except for neuropathic pain I have drop foot and no feeling in my r foot and often my left so am never barefoot, sliced it open too many times. when skinned the seems everyone knows the magic of neosporin and a bandaid.

    I think this is just one of the unmentioned pleasures of SCI !


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